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Certainly, you know how important it is to come in and see our dentist in Jupiter for your regular six month dental checkup. But what we also want to make you aware of is that at Dental Spa Abacoa we are available to you in any situation involving a dental emergency. If you or a family member are experiencing tooth pain or sensitivity, jaw pain, loose fillings, or have sustained dental trauma, we are here for you. Our office can provide you with any of the services needed to address a dental emergency.


Dentist in Jupiter

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring dental symptoms like pain or swelling. These things typically indicate a dental issue that needs to be addressed. While these symptoms may not always feel like a true dental emergency exists, things can change quickly if the problem isn’t managed. Tooth pain can mean anything from a cavity being present, a lost filling, a fractured tooth, periodontal problems, problems with an impacted tooth, as well as an infection deep inside your tooth or surrounding tissues.

Obviously, the solution will be depends on the underlying cause of your dental problem. Perhaps a simple filling or replacement of one is all you need. In more severe cases, you might need to have root canal therapy, an infection treated, or even a dental extraction. Whatever you need, don’t worry. Our highly skilled and experienced staff will quickly diagnose the source of your discomfort and relieve your suffering. As your dentist in Jupiter, Dr. Jacob Leibovici, utilizes the most modern techniques and equipment to treat your emergency problem and to restore your dental health.

At Dental Spa Abacoa, we offer the most extensive range of general, restorative and cosmetic Dentistry available today. We also offer sedation services for any patients that may be anxious or nervous about care. You can feel confident when choosing Dental Spa Abacoa as your dentist in Jupiter that any emergency dental treatment or routine services that you receive is individualized to meet your unique set of needs and designed to provide an outstanding result.


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