Jupiter Root Canal

Root Canal in Jupiter

The phrase “root canal” tends to elicit feelings of reticence among patients. Yet the procedure actually serves as one of the most effective ways of relieving severe dental pain. Despite its reputation, this routine procedure has been perfected into one of relative comfort thanks to dental anesthesia and other advancements in modern dentistry. Roughly 15 million root canals are performed in the United States each year. It carries a stunning success rate of 95% the very first time around. At Dental Spa Abacoa, Jupiter root canal procedures are handled with the utmost care and expertise by our friendly staff of dental professionals.

The root canal procedure is effectively a way for to save a natural tooth when the pulp has been compromised. By retaining the base structure of the tooth, our dentist can remove the tooth’s damaged inner pulp, clean it out entirely, and fill the canals with a biocompatible filling


Jupiter Root Canal

material. From there, we might recommend putting a crown on the tooth. Thus restoring both the function and form of your original tooth. The procedure is usually completed in a visit or two by our dentist. With proper care, a tooth that’s been treated with a root canal can last a lifetime. In Jupiter, root canals are performed from start to finish with gentle precision at Dental Spa Albacoa.

Have a tooth that’s suffered from dental decay or injury? Find out whether you stand to benefit from this life-changing procedure by calling our offices today. You are in good hands at Dental Spa Abacoa. We’ll design and carry out a treatment plan that’s tailored to address your specific needs. Among the extensive range of dental services that we provide at Dental Spa Abacoa,  Jupiter root canal treatment has preserved the natural smiles of countless numbers of patients.


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