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ZOOM Dentist in Jupiter

Does the thought of a whiter, brighter smile warm your heart? Of the many simple and non-invasive treatments that can be done to enhance your appearance, having your teeth whitened by your Jupiter ZOOM dentist has to rank among the top choices. Even though there are countless options available over-the-counter when it comes to whitening your teeth, speaking to an experienced cosmetic dentist for guidance will help you to make a well-informed decision. At Dental Spa Abacoa, the skilled, experienced dental professionals offer the most advanced treatment options available in dentistry today, providing their patients with a comprehensive range of cosmetic options, including ZOOM whitening, as well as porcelain veneers and other custom fabricated restorations matched to the shade, shape and proportions of your natural teeth.

When it comes to whitening, your Jupiter ZOOM dentist provides two state-of-the-art options for professional strength whitening: their in-office, chairside solution, or their at-home, custom tray method. With in-office ZOOM whitening, your teeth will be expertly whitened by as many as eight shades, in as little time as one hour, providing one of the fastest, and most effective options for safe, comfortable teeth whitening, period. Known for its outstanding results, the ZOOM whitening system is extremely convenient for those of us who’d rather not fuss with gels, matching shades, or worrying about irritating your gums or soft mouth tissue. Alternatively, many patients opt for the take-home ZOOM teeth whitening system, where prescription strength whitening gel placed in trays that are custom fabricated to the precise shape of your teeth and mouth for a comfortable fit. Results are more gradual, but still dynamic, taking from several days to a few weeks, depending on the protocol designed for you. Some patients use the take-home ZOOM teeth whitening system to maximize and maintain the whitening results of an in-office treatment.

Jupiter ZOOM Dentist

Whichever method – or both – ZOOM teeth whitening treatments you elect, end results will be aesthetically pleasing. Your Jupiter ZOOM dentist will recommend the best option for you after making a close examination of the health of your teeth, gums and mouth. To get started on the new and improved dazzling-smile-you, call Dental Spa Abacoa to book your ZOOM teeth whitening consultation and appointment.


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